4 Facebook Trends To Increase Your Reach

Facebook trends and changes have been rolling out in abundance over recent years. The majority being in 2020, with its biggest change being the face of its website – a complete and utter redesign!

It seems like there was a love/hate relationship with this, and the platforms audience was split pretty 50/50… This new face came with a heightened focus on groups and events, as the times changed, so did Facebook.

Predicted Facebook Trends of 2021

Now that Facebook has shifted its focus, it’s important to shift your strategy and keep on top of the most recent trends in order to stay relevant.

As well as moving with the current times! For us, this means regular lockdowns. Think working from home, homeschooling youngsters, and filling furloughed time.

Pin image describing Facebook trends of 2021

Education & Action Trends

Firstly, let’s start with Education & Action. Facebook are predicting that Australias joy for reading is going to increase. It’s no surprise with further restrictions – and more time on available – people are finding new ways to relax and unwind. As the country spends more time at home, the platform reckons they’re ‘finding more time and appreciation for all kinds of books – and reinforcing the country’s community of readers.’

Content ideas:

  • 2021 reading list #2021readingchallenge
  • Never read before? Where to start… #bookish
  • Your top 5 must-read books (within your niche) #bookrecommendation
Young girl reading a book next to the window

Lifestyle Trends

When it comes to Lifestyle sector, we’re thinking about nature! With more time at home AND a huge focus on our current climate crisis, it’s estimated that 42% of Britons have taken up gardening. The United Kingdom has created a ‘Grow your own’ movement. Fabulous for both the individuals and the planets.

Content ideas:

  • Seasonal vegetable meal ideas #mealplan
  • Greenhouse tips and tricks #greenhouselife
  • Simple steps to sustainable living #sustainablymade
Woman tending to her plants in the greenhouse

Technology Trends

Next, we have Technology in India, Facebook predicts an increase in online connection. With such a huge population almost half the country’s population is still looking to get online. The recent lockdowns have come with an increased need for WIFI, and a stronger connection for those who are online already. With millions out of work, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a subsequent increase of online businesses making an appearance.

Content ideas:

  • Social media 101
  • Top 3 business resources
  • Create a ‘Dragons Den’ inspired room on Clubhouse
Pin image describing digital art Facebook trends with visuals of arts and crafts

Leisure Trends

Lastly, let’s talk Leisure! In Brazil, there has been a huge shift in creative vision. Museums and other artistic industries have been embracing new mediums, one being digital art. It has been bringing communities together far and wide, with members connecting over passion, pastimes and potential new careers. As a result, the future for digital creatives looks very exciting!

Content ideas:

  • Procreate: How To #procreatetutorial
  • Digital art inspiration #digitalartworks
  • Introduce yourself to the creative community #meetthemaker
Woman using apple pencil on iPad to create digital artwork

Get ahead of the trends and begin posting relevant content today! Whether these trend predictions match your audience geography or niche, there are sure to be some crossovers within the world. It’s not just Australia with more time to read. Or the UK with more time to garden. Stay relevant and integrate these ideas into your yearly content plan. Have fun!


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