Hey, I'm Nicky

An energy filled, enthusiastic woman in business with huge experience and focused on making a difference!

I mentor passionate female online business owners to make £5-10k+ per month and get super visible by selling irresistible 1:1 power hours and a high-impact, high-value signature group programme (with zero overwhelm!)

You feel like you've been wasting time going round in circles and you're ready to make a change to your business, mindset and income!


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Nicky's STORY


how we work

If you’re super-charged for success and have an incredible, life-changing service you want to share with the world, you could be a great fit to work with me one-to-one.

You know that you need direction from an expert to start signing up your dream clients by using social media. You see other people succeeding in this way and you know you’re just as good as them (or better!),  but you’re not a salesperson plus paid advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and so on feels like a money pit you don’t want to go down - and you won’t have to.  

You struggle knowing what content to write, how often you should post and how to bring in sales consistently without spending every minute on social media.

The thought of marketing sends shivers down your spine. But you acknowledge that without sales, you don’t have a business, and without marketing your business, your business dream will be over.


Your Perfect Power Hour

Client A sold 31 Power Hours in one month - £3100

Client E sold 63 Power hours to date £5367

Engineering your perfect power hour happens in week 1 of my incredible 6-week programme!
By the end of the programme, you will have a set of 3 magical services, a social media strategy, a pool of laser-focused content ideas to market them and a mindset that when combined will gain you consistent £5k+ months (every. single. month.)
If you're not ready for the programme, but would like to know the top tips of a perfect power hour and start earning an income like these clients, then grab the replay of my Masterclass!

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