Mindfulness And Social Media


Mindfulness and social media. Hmm. Two things that seem worlds apart. But what would happen if we could combine them?

Countless studies have been conducted on the impact of social media and the research is incredibly conflicting…

How can we use social media with midnfulness

Some studies point to benefits: increased ability to feel empathy towards others and an increase in overall wellbeing – thanks to a built-in support system!

While other studies show more concerning impacts: feelings of social isolation and a lack of self-esteem due to comparison.

Another study points to more frequent states of depression…

Use social media intentionally

The impacts of social media both negative and positive, seem to be impacted by how intentional we are with how we use the platform.

So, the question is, how can we become more intentional?

Well, have you ever actually asked yourself how you want social media to show up in your life?

The idea is that we made a clear and conscious choice on how we want to use these tools. 

Ask yourself now, and see what comes up… 

I came across the acronym ‘MIND’ on a Ted Talk. It’s helped me, and I thought it could help you, too!

Limit your social media usage

M – Take a MOMENT

This is where mindfulness comes in. Stop subconsciously checking your phone. Stop unconsciously scrolling. Take a moment to check in with yourself when you fall back into these habits. Pause and breathe. It rests your mind!  


Find a purpose to your social media use. Is it helping you? Or hurting you? Make sure your time on social media is well-spent and of benefit to you. Setting a time limit is helpful – set that intention BEFORE you open the app. Think about who you follow and how they make you feel, what you post, and why post it… 


Notice behaviours, thoughts & feelings. Often when engaging on social media that act of being present disappears. Do you mindlessly scroll? Do you end up down a rabbit hole? What are the reasons behind this mindless scrolling? We must change our mindset to become ACTIVE in our social media usage. Come back to your intention.  

D – At some point, DROP IT.

Letting go of the need to post, to scroll, to like, comment or engage. Drop the FOMO (fear of missing out) and put the app away, start making your own memories, and turn your phone OFF… Or just the notifications! Take back your power. It will still be there when you get back. 

Enjoy time without social media

What are your thoughts on Mindfulness and social media? Do you think the two can go hand in hand? Or will it forever be a constant battle between one or the other? 

Using social media with intention and mindfulness