Forming Habits And Staying Motivated

Writing down goals to help form new habits

It’s always been a strange concept for me to wrap my head around, forming habits. In theory, it should be easy: firstly, decide on the habit you want to build and secondly, just to do it.

But… In reality, it’s SO difficult. Or is it just me?!

Forming habits to make life easier

A lot of us have a preconceived notion that our current habits, thoughts, feelings and ways of life is ‘just who we are’. This isn’t true.

All it takes to change is to decide to do something differently. A lot of us get this far. We do it all day, every day!

“I need to go on a diet”

“I’d love to learn to play the piano”

“I want to make time to read daily”

Sound familiar? Of course!

The thing we don’t always take into consideration is remaining consistent and motivated along the way.

Staying motivated when forming new habits

How To Form A Habit

It takes around 2 months for the average person to build a habit.

  • Step 1. Decide on the goal.
  • Step 2. Make an achievable daily plan.
  • Step 3. Carry out the plan.

How To Stay Motivated

How to be successful in forming new habits

Focus on the outcome to remain motivated. A week in, you’ll be rewarded by seeing how your changes are beginning to influence your life.

It’s the small steps and persistence, that results in long term change which then serves as the reward to keep up with the habit.

It’s much easier to work as a team! Forming habits with others, with the constant reminders and encouragement from another person, aids the process.

Jeff Olson states “In the beginning there’s essentially no difference between making a decision that is either 1% better or 1% worse. In other words this decision won’t impact you today, but as time goes on, these small improvements compound and suddenly you find a very large gap between people who make slightly better decisions on a daily basis and those who don’t.”

All of the habits you have, good or bad, are a result of many small decision you’ve made over time.

Applying just 1% of your day to improving 1 aspect of your life equals about 15 minutes of the day.

Writing down goals to help form new habits

It sounds easy when you put it like that!

Let’s try it together, and watch our lives change over the next 2 months.

What habits have you been trying to break or form? Have you been successful?

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The best way to form a new habit and stick to it