How To Effectively Promote Your Online Business


Promoting your online business can seem very overwhelming, especially when you are a start-up or solo-preneur without a designated marketing team. Here are my top tips on how to best market your online business so you can make more money while not spending tons of money on ads. You really don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on marketing! Here’s how: 

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  1. Put your focus on just two social media platforms – It’s a great idea to create an account for each social media platform, if it’s relevant to your business! But realistically, you can’t put hours into every single platform, every single day. Your social media should be like a ‘shop front’ for your ideal client audience to browse. Make sure there is information about who you are and what you do, but you don’t have to engage with all these platforms. Your focal point should be on two places. Choose 1 long form platform and 1 short form. This could be Youtube and Twitter, or Podcasts and Instagram. Keep a mix between high value and low value content. 
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  1. Create content marketing that really stands out – It’s frequently said that ‘the market is too crowded’ or a platform is too ‘saturated’. To most, this sounds like such a huge problem that it puts them off their business idea. I say, make room! Be different. Stand out. A great way to do this by creating more in-depth content than your competitors… Think about your ICAs problem and create a solution, before they’ve even reached out for help. In other words, provide value – not just surface level information! This creates a level of trust that they don’t have with other businesses. 
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  1. Use your voice – I don’t just mean literally (connecting to you audience via stories, voice notes and videos) but also by channelling your voice into your content! People will buy in to your personality so embrace who you are. For me, it always helps to write my content just how I would to a good friend. Make it funny. Don’t edit too much.  You want it to sound like you. It’s YOU that your customers are buying in to, your voice is the tool that sells your product/service. So, make sure it sounds true to you, bonus points if you sound relatable. 
  1. Mix soft promotion with hard promotion – There is no right or wrong way to sell. What works for you might not work for another, and vice versa. Your ICA won’t appreciate if you’re constantly in ‘sell’ mode, but you also don’t want to be scared! The best way to find a balance is to avoid always asking for the sell and instead mention upcoming products or showing off your products. In other words, create content that shows how good the product/service is, without being pushy. 
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  1. Collaborate – work with smaller businesses to promote your products. These are called micro-influencers – generally accounts with around 5,000 to 10,000 followers. Why? You may be wondering why you should target the smaller influencers when you could aim towards the accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. Firstly, it’s easier for you to get in contact simply because it’s less competitive. Secondly, they often have a more engaged audience with a higher trust factor. You can grow alongside them!  

To discover more about marketing, I love this blog post for a bit of inspiration: ‘10 Marketing Tips for your Small Business‘.

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