How To Make A Stand-Out Freebie

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So, you want to spread the news about your brand-new launch but… There’s no one on your mailing list! All you need is an opt-in freebie to build a list of ideal clients.

I’m about to tell you what on earth an opt-in freebie is, why you need one (whoever you are and whatever your business is) and how to make one that stands out from the crowd!

What Is (And Why Do You Need) An Opt-In Freebie?

It’s most likely that you’ve seen hundreds of opt-in freebies during your time on the internet, you may have even signed up to a handful before! An opt-in freebie is something that a business offers its visitors in exchange for their email address. This could be in the form of tutorials, exclusive blog posts, or even an eBook. For more examples of opt-ins, check out this blog post here!

An opt-in is an opportunity for you to get your hands on the email addresses of potential customers and store them in your mailing list for the future.

Note: you may also hear opt-ins being referred to as; opt-in freebie, opt-in bribe, opt-in offer or a lead magnet.

How Do I Make My Opt-In Freebie?

Start with a plan when creating a product

If you’re wanting to begin creating your first stand-out opt-in freebie, you’re in the right place! My marketing Canva templates have been specifically designed for this purpose and are 100% customisable so you can tailor them exactly to you and your businesses needs.

Where to begin? When using my templates, all you need to think about is dragging & dropping your information into the designated areas, making the process less hassle and more fun! Depending on the template you choose there’ll be sections for your marketing imagery, important information, call to actions, branding and more.

Freebies that stand out get you leads

Brand Colours

The first thing to consider when designing your opt-in freebie is, of course, your branding. When offering freebies to visitors, you want to ensure you’re getting as much out of the exchange as possible. You will receive an email address, but wouldn’t it be great if they also remember your brand?

Choosing and using your brand colours is the number 1 way to create that link between business and customer – think about Coca Cola for example! We’ve seen their branding so much that we automatically connect the two, the visuals and the name. That’s what you want!

If you already have brand colours, awesome. If not, head over to Canva and create your own brand kit to save and use again and again.

Experiment with using your brand colours throughout your text – drawing the readers attention to your headline and calls to action is important, as well as any contact details. You want to make it a quick and easy decision to sign up for your opt-in freebie!

Make sure your marketing doesn’t clash with your website, blog or other social media platform, by ensuring that your brand colours align, looking cohesive across the board. This will avoid confusion; you want your visitors to remember you for all the right reasons!

Use brand colours within your freebie

Brand Personality

Not only do you want to be remembered for your brand colours, but also your brand personality! The voice you use to talk to your customers, the photographs or videos you post, the insider knowledge you share now that you’re a proud puppy owner – whatever it is, it makes up YOU and your brand identity.

While I wouldn’t recommend stamping a springer spaniel on the front of every free opt-in graphic (as cute as that does sound), I do recommend injecting a little personality into your advertising – as long as it aligns with your brand. THIS is what you will be remembered for and will have visitors coming back time and time again.

Create a freebie that stands out from the crowd

Contact Details

Important and necessary! Try not to get too side-tracked that you forget to include all the information that will drive traffic to your website or secure your next client.

Like typography, your brand kit can help you to create a hierarchy when it comes to the details. As well as the info about the product or service, the visitor needs to know how to reach you! Combine these 2 features to help people know instantly what you do, and where they can find out more.

Think about including;

  • Your business name (and logo)
  • Your name! Keep it friendly and personal
  • Social media links
  • Link to website or blog
  • Business address
  • Business phone number

Call To Action

Lastly, what action do you want your customers to take? We want them to act without hesitation, your opt-in freebie should be seen as a no-brainer!

Do you want them to sign up for a re-occurring newsletter? Maybe opt-in for a free challenge. Or find out more about a five-day course…

Whatever it is, you need an enticing call to action that’s a little more than just “Sign up to my mailing list”.

Call to action using a freebie


The aim of your opt-in freebie is it to either make your visitors life easier by solving a problem or to educate them on a specific subject! If you try to cover all basis by solving ALL the problems, you won’t attract the right audience.

Freebies to grow your mailing list

Like we spoke about in this blog post here, you want to gain the details of your ideal client, so tailor your opt-in to your target audience and don’t be afraid to get specific.

If you’re not too sure where to begin when it comes to actually creating your opt-in freebie, have a read through How To Start Designing With Canva for a step-by-step walkthrough.