How To Use Mindset Quotes As A Woman In Business

Let’s discuss one of my favourite mindset quotes… Have you seen Tomorrowland? It’s a film starring Britt Robertson and George Clooney who discover an unexplored dimension in time and space. Sounds whacky, right? I watched it over the Christmas holidays with my family!

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In the movie, there was a conversation about two wolves, a wolf of light and a wolf of darkness. Which one would win in a battle?

This is a well-known legend, and the answer of course is… The one that you feed!

This scene was a great reminder (and an unexpected one, too!) to check in on my mindset and take a closer look at what I’m giving my attention to.

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I realised that it all comes back to one of my favourite mindset quotes by Henry Ford…

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Wherever our awareness, attention, and efforts go, is inevitably where we’re going to end up. We could choose to focus on areas of scarcity and lack. Or we could choose to focus on areas of abundance and joy.

Our brain has this kind of self-fulfilling prophecy – no matter what we believe is going to happen; our brain is working behind the scenes to create that desired outcome, good or bad.

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So, make sure you’re feeding the right wolf.

Are you setting yourself up for success or for failure?

Watch the clip from Tomorrowland here: The Tale of Two Wolves – Tomorrowland

If you have children, you should totally watch the whole movie together! If not, grab the popcorn and watch it on your own.

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