Increasing Productivity and Focus with The One Thing

Do you want to increase your focus?  Achieve better productivity?  Calm all the external noise in your home and work like?  Me too! Lately, I’ve been focussing on increasing my productivity and focus with help from my new favourite book; The One Thing by Gary Keller, a number 1 bestseller!

Thankfully, we are just coming out of the silly season (Christmas and New Year) and our house has been, and still is, full to bursting!

We live in a gorgeous cottage, but by its nature, each room leads to the next, so it is a length of corridors. We have 2 adult children, 2 smaller children and one woofa. And I’ve been going stir crazy!  How on earth can you focus in such a busy home?!

The Best Christmas Gift

Hands holding a wrapped present

As one of my Christmas gifts, I asked for a book I had been recommended many times over. The One Thing. And oh, let me tell you, this book does not disappoint!

January is the month I decided to focus on streamlining, organising and creating calm in my life (at least during school hours), hoping to enable me to work in peace and allow my productivity to flow!

In our lives today, we are busier than ever before. We think technology has streamlined many tasks, but instead, we are given more tools that give us more and more to do with less time to do it.

We are stressed and overwhelmed. The phrase “time management” has become taboo, since it implies there are different ways to cram even more into our already overflowing lives.

Multitasking doesn’t work!

A bold statement, and one I want you to read over again! The population have been led to believe a lie; that if we don’t multitask every minute of our day, we will not be productive. This can’t be farther from the truth.

Are you constantly connected to others? Always holding your phone. Having so many distractions that take away your focus can affect your stress levels, as well as your productivity?  When you aren’t focused, you don’t get as much done as you could if you were truly focused on the task you’re doing.

Increasing your focus means you should get up each day, looking forward to what you can achieve. Being focused means you are making progress towards what is most important to you. You will inevitably feel a greater sense of productivity and fulfilment.

Multitasking is one of the most overrated skills people claim to have. In this series, you’ll find out why you shouldn’t be multitasking, and what to do instead. You’ll learn tips and strategies for gaining and keeping your focus so you can be productive in everything you do.

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Let’s Get Started

Why is being focused so important in today’s world? What results happen when you are focused? Does being focused make you less stress? Happier? If it’s so important, why don’t people focus more?

Being focused on one thing for a certain amount of time allows you to create better quality work.  You will achieve more work, it will get finished quicker, and your creative ideas flow easier. Being focused on one task at a time is less stressful on your mind. And being less stressed allows you to feel happier.

Focusing On Just One Thing Leads To Better Productivity

We are deluding ourselves if we think that we can do two things really well at the same time – Trust me! It’s difficult for people to remain focused on one task for a variety of reasons. For one, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with TV, radio, mobile phones, internet, social media, as well as a much larger population that lives closer together than ever before.

There is so much noise! It’s difficult to get completely away from all these distractions. One way is to go to a room where you can shut your door and turn off your phone (I’ve personally found the ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting to be a lifesaver!)

But still, in our home, this is pretty impossible. I’ll admit that on occasions I’ve been known to drive to the beach or a country lane, just to find some quiet! Am I alone with this?!

Focus On The One Thing

When you focus on a single task, avoiding distractions, your brain becomes focused on that task alone. This lets you complete that task much more quickly than if you are trying to complete two or more tasks at once.  If you have 5 things on your to-do list, work on one thing at a time, instead of dipping in and out of each job. This might seem obvious, but so many of us follow the chatter in our brain instead of homing in on one thing at a time.

By giving all your attention to the task without distraction, you can get it done much more quickly and with fewer mistakes. Your work will be higher quality as well. Another benefit of being focused is that your creativity will kick in too. You’ll come up with new ideas associated with the task at hand.

This is great if you are someone who creates in some way. This includes traditional creative types like artists, writers, photographers, designers and musicians, as well as people who create products or services, teachers, researchers, stay-at-home parents, executives, bloggers, and anyone who needs ideas. This means just about everyone can benefit!

Procrastination Is Your Enemy

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Focusing on just one thing at a time actually gives your brain a break. Having your mind scattered over several tasks at once keeps you from thinking about what you are supposed to be doing, longing out the entire process. Your brain can’t focus adequately on lots of things at the same time, therefore multitasking is obsolete.

Finding you focus, allows your subconscious to do the work. Think about when you learned to ride a bike or drive a car. It was difficult in the beginning, but when you began focusing on what you were doing, your subconscious took over and helped you learn. The same is true for your everyday tasks. Once you begin focusing solely on one task, your subconscious helps you do them faster, and with less of a struggle!

writing your lists and goals

Increasing Productivity And Focus

What is the one thing you can do right now that will help something else become easier or unnecessary?

This book is really helping me understand the importance of prioritising my time in a way I had never understood before. By increasing REAL productivity and focus, I am finding myself with more time to do the things I love, and I highly recommend for you to do the same.

Don’t know where to start with increasing productivity and focus? Alongside reading The One Thing, why not start thinking about looking at creating a schedule? Hold yourself accountable by typing “I’m in!” below in the comments.

This will build momentum and set you up for success. You can read more about this in my post Organising and creating a schedule that works.

Speak soon!