Overcome The Fear Of Visibility Within Your Online World

The thing that stops people from increasing their online visibility isn’t often the lack of tools or knowledge, but the fear of actually showing up as their authentic self!

There is a common fear of showing up completely, honestly and consistently. I often hear that the biggest fear is judgment from those they know in real life – these people have probably only ever seen you play it safe and stay small!

So what do we do? We put up barriers, make excuses and procrastinate, all to avoid showing up!

It’s completely normal to have this reaction. Our brain is wired this way for a reason – it thinks it’s protecting us from danger.

Spotlight shining on a wall lighting it up making it visible

You Know HOW To Increase Visibility

It’s obvious you need to show off yourself and your brand!

And you must put yourself out there, show up regularly and create useful content. Bonus points if you nurture your email list, too!

But how can we do any of this if fear is standing in the way?

A lamp shining a light symbolising visibility

Points To Remember:

  • People will judge you regardless of whether you show up authentically or not.
  • People will unfollow you if they don’t resonate with who you are.
  • This just makes more room for all YOUR people. The people who you inspire and would love to work with you!
Sitting in front of the camera filming a video for an audience

Moving Past The Fear of Visibility

Here are some actionable tips that helped me to move past the fear of being seen! They helped me overcome the fear, and hopefully, they’ll start you on your journey too.

Remember: these things don’t happen overnight. Re-wiring the brain/fight or flight system takes time. Be easy on yourself.

  • Journal through your emotions. Whether they’re feelings of unworthiness, lack of confidence, imposter syndrome. Discover where they really stem from and fix the root of the issue.
  • Affirm to yourself that it’s safe to be visible, use your voice and speak your truth. Practice this until you emotionally align with it.
  • Re-focus and re-frame your thoughts when you slip into the negative. It’s all about retraining your brain.
  • Begin acting when you’re ready to.  Little by little step out of your comfort zone and be true to yourself!
  • Don’t compare yourself to businesses or individuals on social media, especially those that are further along their journey than you are.
Bright yellow flowers to symbolise visibility

Where are you on your visibility journey? Hit reply and let me know. I’d love to help you out.


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