Lead Magnet Success Toolkit

One of THE best ways to get noticed by your dream clients is by offering a super powerful Lead Magnet!

There is a HUGE shift away from the Lead Magnets you produced up until the end of 2020.

Gone are the one page downloads that gather dust on peoples hard drives.

It's super exciting; in fact it's changing the way we connect with our dream clients.

Just imagine building your email list simply and easily without having to feel like you're having to drop links everywhere!

This transformational Next Level Lead Magnet System will fuel your email lists!

If you want to learn what you need TODAY in your product suite this Lead Magnet Success Toolkit is the perfect example!

A limited time Toolkit!

This toolkit includes everything you need to help you decide on your best lead magnet and why the old style Lead Magnets are gathering dust on your audiences hard drive!

Module 1 - What is the Next Level Lead Magnet.

Module 2 - What you need to know about funnels.

Module 3 - We are giving your Ideal Client a face lift!

Module 4 - What are the key problems you will solve with your Lead Magnet?

Module 5 - Building your Lead Magnet framework.

Module 6 - Design and Promotional Graphics

Module 7 - Get to grips with Mailerlite the FREE Email Platform

Module 8 - Take your email to the next level with Active Campaign

Module 9 - Your final gift


It is my mission to empower women with a big vision to become highly visible and fully aligned with their business. To attract the clients they deserve, create the change they desire and transform their vision into reality.

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