Major Facebook Updates Of 2020


Changes in Technology

In 2019, Facebook began to push out a massive redesign of its social networking site, it really is the most dramatic of Facebook updates yet. But first, let’s discuss something important…

Did you take part in the #DigitalDetoxDay campaign set-up between mental health organisation #IAMWHOLE, Zoe Sugg and Lush?

The aim was to make us aware of just how often we reach for our phones! As a society we have fallen into the habit of living on the web, constantly checking our phones & relying on social media.

Our phones are a safety net for us – with everything at our fingertips, available at the touch of a button! So when we misplace them, lose them, or even just update our apps to the latest version, it can bring about that uneasy feeling of change…

If you work on the web like me you’ve probably noticed Facebook is making some changes.

As creatures of habit, most of us don’t like change. But I think this one is necessary; the platform is due an update!

In 2019, Facebook executives announced their plans to push out a massive redesign of their social networking site called the “New Facebook”, and it really is the most dramatic update yet.

Changes to Facebook means changes to your business

What To Expect

Over the years, the reason people log on to Facebook has changed, their new interface mirrors that. With a greater emphasis on Groups and Events as these are the most popular reasons people visit Facebook daily, the social network is moving with the times!

We don’t endlessly scroll through our News Feed anymore, so this will be featured less on the “New Facebook”.

The aim is to make Facebook an easier platform to navigate, as well as modernising its look for the new decade.

The Visuals

The first of the Facebook updates! The “New Facebook” has moved on from its classic blue interface, replaced with a cleaner design. All-white! As dark modes have become hugely popular over the last few years, Facebook have included this feature in their update for desktop and iPhone users.

Facebook is changing visually

Facebook began rolling out the “New Facebook” to mobile users towards the end of 2019, letting desktop users try it in March 2020 – a transitional period to help us through the change.

News Feed

Perhaps the biggest change to Facebook is the News Feed. It has been suggested that the way we get our content from Facebook will change massively in the future, and this is presumed to be the replacement of the News Feed with Facebook Groups.

That doesn’t mean the News Feed has gone completely – you will still see a stream of updates. But this feature will be pushed less, and Facebook Groups more.

Groups & Events

The ‘Groups Tab’ now makes finding new groups that you might be interested in much easier. There will be a feed for groups, including recent activity within groups you’re a member of (which may eventually replace the News Feed as the default feed).

The way we connect on Facebook is changing


The platform is hard at work to reduce misinformation and promote transparency, diversity, and inclusivity given the political events on everyone’s mind right now. With the introduction of visible Paid Promotions, the launch of an Educational Hub full of resources for parents, teachers & students, AND new timely, cultural & political updates. This is a great step in the right direction.


The ‘New Facebook’ also comes with accessibility updates, which is fantastic for individuals and businesses: The more accessible the platform is, the easier it will be for you to reach your true full target audience.

You can expect to see:

  • Scalable font sizes, increasing readability
  • A new API to ensure that contextual headings are always implemented correctly in descending order, allowing them to be usable
  • Resolved and debugged keyboard commands so that full keyboard navigation is possible
  • Overlay and mark up that would flag features that may be problematic for those with low sight (like Stories)
  • Reusable components based on the ARIA Practices Guide

Some people have reported that they can no longer revert to the old FB plus it’s been super glitchy so we are gearing up for the change in Europe and the UK.  

So, what to do before Facebook changes? 

The way groups work are changing, but not we’re not exactly sure how just yet:

  • Change your Group Cover to an evergreen one for the moment. Use Canva FB Cover which is longer and thinner – this should do it! 
  • Add a description to the Cover Image.
  • Name your group with words that are searchable. For example: I used to be called FLUFFYSOCKS in my comping days. This is not searchable! However, How To Win Competitions – UK Members Only say’s exactly what it does on the tin!


Hashtags are a go on FB. So use them! I’d suggest if you have a group you use them in the description to help people find you. There is no clear guidance on how many to use just yet. It certainly won’t be the 30 like Instagram, however, I’d only add 3-5 on each post. 

Social media platforms are changing in 2020

Don’t Lose Your Groups 

The last of our Facebook updates: Facebook over recent months has told us in the T&Cs that we are now in charge of the groups we run. We are now policing them if we are admins. They can’t control the vast number of groups out there so they are handing over the reins. This is good and bad. 

If someone posts against the rules (racist, sexist or abusive posts) and we are not policing this (adhering to their guidelines) then they can close your FB group down. Just like that! 

How the new Facebook changes are impacting businesses

I’m sure none of you has groups that you don’t keep on top of, however, if you have left a group slide and anyone can post in it, I’d suggest you archive it for now. 

If you are not doing a good job Admining in FB’s Eyes then they will offer your groups to FB users that are pro-active and they may not even be connected to you! 

Basically, use it or lose it! (or archive it!) 

I see this as an opportunity and you never know we might be offered an amazing group to admin – boom!  

Have you received the new Facebook updates yet? What are your thoughts?

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