10 Marketing Tips for your Small Business

Digital marketing ideas for online businesses

How To Thrive As A Small Business

Read on to discover my top 10 Marketing Tips for your small business – from unknown to thriving! These are all quick and easy steps you can take to move in the right direction. Just like building blocks, you don’t need to follow all 10 tips at once, maybe try one at a time and see what works for you and your business!

Level up your business with these marketing tips

My Marketing Tips

Create A Website

  1. Create an easy-to-navigate website with clear descriptions of your products/services, and links to where else your ideal client audience can find you/how they can get in touch directly.


  1. Optimise your website for search engines! What does this mean? Use keywords on all your content! This helps your website show up on search engines and increase the number of people who land on your page. BIG priority.

Content Creation

  1. Create an abundance of content for different social media platforms, email lists, blog posts and advertisements to ensure you’re driving traffic to your website – gain leads and increase sales!
Digital marketing ideas for online businesses


  1. Use a content scheduler like Later or Planoly! This way you can plan your content in advance and schedule it in bulk, then forget about it… Magic. Do remember to check on your socials to interact and engage with your audience too!


  1. Be CONSISTENT with marketing, beat the algorithm and be active on social media channels where YOUR ideal client spends their time. There’s no point spending hours a day on Pinterest, if your audience spend their time on LinkedIn! Get to know your ICA.

Email Marketing

  1. Use email marketing. Mailchimp is great. You can create your own templates, schedule your emails and separate your audience with tags & categories.
Word of mouth marketing


  1. Use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience. A great way to amplify efforts – you don’t need a massive budget!


  1. Keep learning on the job! Take online courses, attend conferences, read articles. You want to be the go-to person for work, knowledge and help within your industry.


  1. USE your competitors to see what is and isn’t working. When do they post? What content do their audience engage with? What do they do well?
Marketing tips to grow your business and make moeny


  1. Outsource your weaknesses to employees or freelancers! There’s no point wasting your days, weeks, or months trying to figure something out yourself when you could pay someone to do it so play to your strengths! It’s worth it.

Your Turn

How many of these 10 Marketing Tips have you applied to your business? Why not try adding another 1 or 2, see what changes and report back?

If you’re a small business and just starting out on the entrepreneurial path, I recommend taking a look at this book review: Why Small Businesses Don’t Work & What To Do About It.

Marketing tips and tricks for you and your business