What’s in Your Mindful Toolbox?

SPend time journaling in your morning routine

Morning Journaling

After reading and raving about The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I was completely obsessed for a while. I have journals filled to the brim with my mindful morning words. But as life happens, routine changes, and it’s not always possible to keep up. Let’s find out how the Mindful Toolbox can help.

How to create a morning routine

As most of you know, being a parent, running your own business and looking after the house – and while my partner is away for work – doing it mostly on my own, is a LOT of work.

It isn’t often that I get up as the sun rises and birds start chirping to do my Miracle Morning Routine.

I love it so much, but in all honesty, it just isn’t always possible!

Spend time journaling in your morning routine

Parents, can you relate?

A Different Take

While my daughter was visiting from London, I asked her what she does during her morning routine.

Here’s what she said:

“I used to have a regimented list of things to tick off my morning routine list. If I didn’t have time to complete everything I would feel as if I hadn’t succeeded. It felt unfinished, which isn’t a positive note to start the day on. Alternatively, if I only had 10 minutes instead of a full hour, I would skip the whole thing altogether! This again would lead to feelings of failure.

Be mindful of how you spend your time

Instead of putting so much pressure on myself, I now see my long list of morning to dos as a Mindful Toolbox.

Each morning I wake up and reach for the tools I need – sometimes it’s 5 minutes of meditation before I open my eyes, or even just listening to a podcast as I make a cuppa and breakfast. Other days it really is spending an hour trying to declutter my mind after a night of weird and wonderful dreams. All valuable, and all a success!

It also keeps things fun! Instead of checking off a list for the sake of it and rushing to the end, I simply do what I need in that moment.”

Take time to be mindful throughout your day

As a planner, I LOVE the satisfaction of ticking off my checklist. But empty tick boxes can fill me with dread when I’m rushed off my feet and struggling for time!

So, my daughters view on a morning routine really resonated with me. I think it would most definitely ease the pressure of completing a list before the day has even begun.

I’ve popped a few things into my Mindful Toolbox ready for the morning…

What’s In Yours?

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How to create a morning routine