Designing and planning content that speaks to your ideal client is not an option if you want success! And Nicky wants to help you get clear on your ideal client, branding and social media strategy, freeing time to use your energy to focus on your brilliance!

Having witnessed many women crash and burn with exhaustion when trying to be everywhere and do everything, Nicky understands through her own journey.  You lack the time and expertise to play every role in your business, and that’s ok.

You can have it all. You can love your life, be successful and create amazing things!

With over 30 years experience in business from ad agency, designer, creator to mentor, trainer and blogger. Nicky can work with you to highlight what sets you apart. Using your uniqueness to attract the kind of people into your inbox that will get your energy and your business flowing in the right direction.

If you really want to build your social media fans and followers with content and design that sparks a connection or that gets people talking with you, then you’ve got to get people to engage with your content first!

Remember, not only will you be able to consistently share high-quality content, each and every day, but it will also give you the momentum you desperately need to get more of the right customers into the virtual door.

It is Nicky's mission to help women, who like her have been overwhelmed in their business to create a following of ideal clients on social media. This is the magic sauce that makes a good business into a GREAT business!



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Meet Nicky, business owner and mum of 3 plus the woofa, Honey!

Nicky has always loved working and has always pushed herself hard to achieve, make an impact and strive to be the best she can be.  Having enjoyed the benefits of working for herself and employed within the education sector, Nicky sits naturally in the position she now holds as Designer, Content Creator and Educator.

Always preferring the option of living outside of the box, Nicky had several years out entering competitions full time!  The question always comes up, was it hard work and determination that saw Nicky winning HUGE prizes over a number of years or just luck?!  The answer is simple.  When Nicky sets a goal she always reaches it and blast the goals out of the park!

Due to exceptional circumstances, Nicky hit a moment in life, the details would beat anything you have seen on Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer.  The impact was huge and Nicky's mental and physical health deteriorated rapidly.  Nicky had to make a very quick decision to leave her full time job or go under.  The opportunity came very quickly, a 3 week long Ayurvedic retreat in India.  This is when Nicky's life changed at every level.  The experience of travelling to such a stunning country, walk and talk with incredible women all with their own pain and learning journeys, and be around people that had so little yet had so much, was breathtaking and inspired Nicky to focus on those women in the Health & Wellness sector.

After returning back to the UK, Nicky went on the long road to recovery.  Concentrating on her health and studying hard, it was only a matter of weeks went by when Nicky started a blog and business helping women women to overcome overwhelm. 

Social Media Simplified was born in 2017, this is where Nicky truely shares her passions;  Inspiring and helping women simplify social media, brand, promote and get leads by being uniquely you.

Nicky has a passion for her work and wants to continue supporting more wonderful clients and her members over the coming years. This truly is her dream job!

As the business has grown, Nicky was delighted to welcome her daughter, Millie, making a dream team!  Millie is a talented Illustrator and works from London virtually with Nicky who is based in North Devon.  

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