Overcome Your Creative Block During The Lockdown

Whether you’re planning your next children’s book, writing an email course, or designing your new website – creativity is essential to our day-to-day life! But sometimes, a creative block can get in the way…

Now I don’t know about you but being stuck inside day after day with no change to my routine has lessened my creativity a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I have days where my creativity flows with ease and the 4 am ideas are on overdrive?! But those creative block days have become more and more frequent as lockdown has gone on.

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Now in our third lockdown in the UK, and about a year on from the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, I thought it was a good time to share you with the tips and tricks I use to enhance my creativity and overcome that block.

Some are a little ‘woo woo’, some and purely practical, take what you need and leave what doesn’t resonate. Enjoy!

Give Yourself Space To Be creative

Take the pressure off! We’re living through crazy times right now – with children at home 24/7, limited time outside, no physical contact with friends or family. I think it’s normal for our brain to be functioning a little differently than usual. There’s no rulebook for this stuff, so just accept where you’re at now without judgment.

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Turn To Ritual

This could be anything from making a fancy coffee in the morning in your favourite mug to a short meditation, or prayer. Whatever works for you! The idea is to continue making time for the things you love, filling your cup, so you have more energy to get creative. This is also a time that you may find inspiration comes to you.

Keep Things Light

Just have a play. If you normally paint as a creative outlet, try drawing instead… with your left hand! If you teach for a living, watch a short video about one of your favourite subjects. Anything to reignite that passion and get excited again.

Find A Creative Outlet

You might find that the reason your creativity can’t flow is that there’s something more going on – a deeper issue. Maybe your words can’t flow because you have something you need to get off your chest. Maybe the paint strokes aren’t coming because you’re tired of your environment. Use EFT to discover the root of the issues and see what comes up for you.

Woman using painting as her creative outlet

Break Down The Creative Block

Sometimes you can’t wait for creativity to appear, you just have to sit down and do it! To make this easier, break the task down. It will look less overwhelming when you can see clear and simple steps laid out in front of you, just take it one at a time.

What helps you when you’re experiencing creative block? Please hit reply and share them with me!


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