3 Instagram Updates You Need To Know


Social media is a constantly growing and evolving world. Keep your business up to date with the changing times with these Instagram Updates!

Changes to social media platforms means changes to your business


Our first of the Instagram Updates: the layout! Many individuals have been surprised to see the layout of Instagram change slightly over the last week.

The location of our Notifications and Search bar (including the Explore page) have moved to the top right of the screen, alongside direct messages. With the addition of Reels and the Shop on the bottom navigation bar.  

In theory, this change makes a lot of sense! Contact at the top, content at the bottom, keeping everything it the right place. But it may take a while for my muscle memory to change – am I the only that keeps pressing the wrong buttons?! 

Good and bad changes to Instagram

Shop Til You Drop 

Instagram have altered their layout to encourage its users to use the Shop feature! There have been an increased focus on updating the IG Shop and making it more attractive to its users, with Facebook Pay rolling out (an instant-pay method currently being tested in the US) and the ability to shop in-app on Instagram without having to leave the app itself. Instagram has designed this page to help users discover products and brands on-platform and it appears this has been in the works for a while. 

New Instagram shop feature


Reels are here and have already rolled out to around 50 different regions. Instagram scaled the new feature up quickly, anticipating high demand for it. 

As TikTok increased in popularity, Instagram was quick to set up their version of the feature! It allows users to create short, fifteen-second long videos set to background music. 

Instagram have timed the release of their new feature perfectly. As TikTok users begin to grow wary of security issues around the app, it’s likely they’ll move their video content over to Instagram – it’s quickly becoming an all-in-one app! 

You can create unique content using their database of commercial use songs, AR effects and filters! Have you tried Reels yet? 

The impact of the new Instagram update on your business

Your Thoughts 

Since Instagram’s latest layout update, many users have reported a decrease in engagement and missing notifications when they receive interaction on posts.

Have you experienced any of these difficulties? Or is this simply a coincidence? 

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