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Group mind mapping is a simple but powerful technique for generating ideas, thoughts and feedback among a group of like-minded business owners. The process of developing a group mind map stimulates both creative and analytical thinking and is a proven and effective tool for collaborative brainstorming.

This is an opportunity to bring people together for a power session filled with passion, energy and inspirational ideas!

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Next Date 12th april 2021




We have rebranded and these sessions used to be called Hive Mind.

OMG! I can't believe how amazing the Hive Mind is. Business owners just bouncing ideas off each other is just... I can't even think of a word to explain. Being in a group of a few business owners meant we could get input and ideas on many different things. Such as names for courses, job titles, tagines etc. Ideas around how to market, how to find your ideal client. Ideas on what courses, services etc. Input on pricing. And so much more. Highly recommend to anyone wanting inspiration, ideas and just wanting to chat to others even!

Nicky ran the session with high energy and focus. Having people with a mix of business backgrounds give you their perspective and eyes on your ‘problem’ is really helpful to give you solutions and ideas you wouldn’t have considered. I’ll be joining more sessions in the future, as business conversations with business people is a productive space to spend quality time.
After almost a year of lockdowns and restrictions, and two years of working at home, this was by far the best collaborative working space I have experienced. Being able to talk about my business with people from a swathe of professions and skill sets was liberating. But more than this, having the space to think about other people's businesses helped to create space away from our own. To engage in conversations with people at different stages, with different struggles and successes was hugely empowering. I would have loved to do this for longer! By the end of Hive Mind, I truly felt part of a community. It was magic. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It truly was a wonderful way to stretch the brain and think about business differently.

The Hive Mind was an amazing experience, the energy in the groups was fabulous and meeting others was really great, like mini networking but better. I am looking forward to future ones



12th April 2021

10th May 2021

7th June 2021

5th July 2021

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The Hive Mind was an amazing experience, the energy in the groups was fabulous and meeting others was really great, like mini networking but better. I am looking forward to future ones

What a fantastic concept! The opportunity to get focused sessions with like minded business owners to share a fresh perspective on your business.
We had another great HiveMind session today. . The Power is Quantum Physics at play with 3 awesome energised and engaged HiveMinders giving feedback and ideas. One person stated a 30 minute session saved them a year. Not bad for a tenner 😂

Hive mind is focused collaboration of different people working with you to offer different perspectives and new solutions to your particular dilemma. An excellent and unique approach. The whole (hive mind) is greater than the sum of it

This session was a great opportunity to work with a collective of business people who are willing to support and help each other. The ideas that were bounced around can help with some business decisions that I need to make going forward. It was also great seeing light bulbs go off with some people as they got really clarity in what they needed to do. It was also a lovely opportunity to meet new people and chat to others in similar situations.

A new way to network and help with business problem. This was an enjoyable session with supportive people who all wanted to help each other. I would definitely do this again.

Great session, buzzing ideas and solutions and ideas for people who didn’t even realise they needed them. Many lightbulb moments!

Nicky continues to delivery consistently outstanding value in every on of her sessions.