Improve Your Life With An Abundance Mindset

Are you a believer in the law of attraction or manifestation? Most of you know that I’m a little woo woo, and I believe that a huge part of creating wealth comes down to your abundance mindset!

The word “abundance” has adopted this allusive quality, creating visions of earning money while sitting on a beach sipping cocktails – the ability to have the life you have always dreamt of when it comes to travel, freedom, and experiences.

How Do I Create An Abundance Mindset?

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When Tony Robbins was 17 years old, he listened to Jim Rohn speak at a seminar. Rohn answered a question for Tony on abundance that totally shifted his life.

Tony grew up in a home environment with little money, surrounded by lack and scarcity. He couldn’t understand why his father worked so hard, full time, every day, but his family struggled to put food on the table.

Rohn posed the questions to the audience “What does it take to have real economic abundance?” He told the audience, “You must bring value to the marketplace.”

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What Does That Mean?

We all have value in our souls! But we don’t get paid for that…. Nor do we get paid for out effort. Or our time!

We get paid to find a way to add value. To individuals, to companies, and to the marketplace on a greater scale!

One person could earn £10 an hour, while another earns £750! They are working for the same time. But the difference is, the value of their work.

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So, What’s The Secret To An Abundance Mindset?

In short, do more for others!

Sell your services to HELP others – make that your main goal, rather than helping yourself. In other words, give.

Tony Robbins says that you can earn 10x more if you work harder on yourself than anybody else and if you find a way to do more for others that anybody else!

Abundance is an emotion – love & joy. The more we give, the more we experience. THAT is an abundance mindset.

How could this apply to your business? Product or service-based. How could you add more value to your clients’ lives, and in turn, create more abundance to invest in yourself and your business?!

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