Do you want to reach the next level?

This VIP Group Programme has been designed by me after becoming totally burnt out whilst working 70+ hours a week and only hitting between £2 - £4k+ months with ENORMOUS hustle and literally NO LIFE!

I was exhausted having run 5 free challenges, given hundreds of free guest expert sessions and free training - my passion was plummeting and exhaustion hit breaking point.

I knew running an online service based business had to be simpler!

Why was everyone (including me) making it so darn complicated?

Because of the noise!

Because so many popular online gurus that we trust are telling us it has to be this way.

I'm telling you it doesn't!

There is a better way which will see you leaping out of bed in the morning BEYOND excited about your business, dream clients and the change that you can make to their lives.  You will no longer have to lead with free, spend hours every day on social media and feel you're losing the passion and drive you had when you began your exciting journey.

I created a system that catapulted mine and my clients income to consistent £10/15/20k months (and growing!) - this system is changing the lives of my clients and their income every day.

are you ready for the big leap?

PHENOMeNAL client results

Client A sold 31 Power Hours in one month - £3100

Client C is set to have her biggest month yet and is at £5.5k as of this week!

 Client D since working together has become FULLY booked out for 2021 with 1:1 clients reaching her first £200k year!

Client E sold 63 Power hours to date £5367 and hit her first £6k in January and her income continues to grow month on month!

And a Mastermind client sold 20 Power Hours in less than 5 days $2000

Do you want to build a life of freedom?  A life where you are in control of your clients and income.  A future where you have choices?  Yes!  Take a look at how you can do this...

Welcome to the next level

is this you?

You know that you need direction from an expert to start signing up your dream clients by using social media. You see other people succeeding in this way and you know you’re just as good as them (or better!), but you struggle knowing what content to write, how often you should post and how to bring in sales consistently without spending every minute on social media.

You're hitting 2-5k months and you're struggling to get to the next income level and you feel exhausted by how many hours you're already working.

The thought of marketing sends shivers down your spine. But you know that without sales you don’t have a business, and without marketing your business, your dream will be over.

If this sounds like you, this is your invitation to work with me.

There are 3 options to suit your learning style and budget!

how we work

VIP 1:1 - £5k

We will spend our 6 weeks working closely together by using a combination of Zoom and Voxer - a fabulous app that enables us to use instant text or voice messaging - Monday - Friday 10 am - 4 pm.  We will one 90 minutes Zoom and then 60 minute Zooms thereafter for the entire programme.  There are two choices for working 1:1.  Follow my 1:1 Signature Programme or to work towards your own business goals - this will be decided and agreed upon before working together.

This is an phenomenal way to fast track your business, learning journey and income. Limited places available.

Email with your interest.


vip group - £2k

This is an intimate way of running this programme, with just 8 women who are fueled by their passion and business to make the big leap.

This is held in a Private Facebook group, using daily check-in's for accountability along with weekly group Zoom Q&A's.

This is an incredibly powerful group programme for your business, mindset and income.

Email with your interest.


find out if the 1:1 or group programme is for you...

course - diy style - £697

After hearing from so many of my audience saying THEY NEED my programme in their life but it may have been out of reach financially, I've only gone and put it int an amazing course!

This is the FULL programme (minus my mentorship and the FB group) that is a complete game-changer for those that have taken part in my group programme!  This is on Pre-Sale and access is available from 5th April 2021.

presale - grab the course now!

start with power!

Engineering your perfect power hour happens in week 1 of my incredible 6-week programme!
We move onto building your next two dream client services, your magnetic Masterclass and Group Signature Programme!
By the end of 6 weeks, you will have a set of 3 magical services, a social media strategy, a pool of laser-focused content ideas to market them and a mindset that when combined will build you consistent £5/10/15/20k+ months (every. single. month.)
I run this 6-week Programme as a 1:1, small VIP Group and  DIY course.  The choice is yours!

The 6-Week VIP Programme is fueled by the passion of 8 incredible women.

Supporting the highs and the lows - The Power is in the community.

Here are a few ladies from our last cohort...
The Power of 8

rachel hamiliton

Nutritional Therapist

I had the framework for a course in my business drafted for a few months and I needed a structured way to launch it to my dream client. Queue Nicky Williams.

I joined Nicky’s VIP Group Program in February for a 6 week intensive. The journey has been immense. I’ve gone from feeling stuck in my comfort zone to focussed clarity, with purpose and excitement. You will tap into a dimension you never realised was possible thanks to Nicky’s program that will help you to extract the hidden ‘gold’ so that you feel empowered and able to move your business forward in a structured, results-driven way.

Nicky’s mentoring is from a place of passion, connection and congruence. Get ready to grow.

This course helped me define my business purpose and crystallised my self-belief.

janet haddon

Visibility Coach

Felicity Cowie

Communications Business Mentor and Award-winning former BBC Journalist

Nicky is a fantastic mentor with a really well thought through system. During her 6 weeks course my brain had two modes - superspeed and zombie.

Today is the final day and I cannot take in how much I have achieved across all fronts, from product development and alignment to marketing to mindset.

I really loved the growing energy in our online group. I cannot recommend Nicky and her teaching highly enough.


louise purvis

Productivity Mentor

a unique opportunity to join the vip programme


three steps

The programme is divided into three steps to success.


WEEK 1 & 2

Part 1 - How to create THE perfect powerful power hour which you can sell immediately, giving you the opportunity to make a BIG impact AND quick money by solving one problem your dream client is facing right now.  Those stand out results will wow your clients and you’ll receive glowing testimonials PLUS money in the bank!!

Part 2 - How to create a MAGNETIC low priced HIGH-VALUE masterclass that is repeatable, an income generator and bringing your dream clients into your world.

Part 3 - How to put together THE most phenomenal group programme that will be truly magnetic to your dream clients.

Set Up For Success


You will continue to build your perfect set of dynamic laser-focused services.

Your Power Hours are already to take out to the world!  You're delivering phenomenal value to your audience and selling your perfectly aligned Power Hour.

You will add dates in your diary for your Masterclass/Workshop along with when your group programme is going Live!

You will ensure your profiles are set for success with a professional stand out from the crowd edge that will WOW!  Both your bio and about sections will attract your dream clients into your inbox.


WEEK 4-6

Momentum starts here and continues throughout this programme and beyond.

The next three weeks you will receive support and strategy that creates momentum, engagement and Sales (without feeling spammy!).

You will feel completely aligned with your offers and connected to your business - your energy will be on fire.

You will be able to rinse and repeat the complete set of MAGICAL services as often as you so desire.

Your mindset and business have up-leveled!